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Quick start guide

MLJAR Studio is a new way for creating Python programs. It is a notebook based development environment with interactive code recipes and managed Python environment. All running locally on your machine.

How does it work?

  • - MLJAR Studio is based on Python notebook. It consists of code cells with Python code or Markdown.
  • - Each cell has a Piece of Code extension at the top, available after click in cell text editor.
  • - You can seach for code recipes in Piece of Code.
  • - Each code recipe has a Graphical User Interface, which is used for Python code generation.
  • - Fill User Interface with your data. When you are ready, click green Run button to submit code for execution.
MLJAR Studio screenshot with Piece of Code

Quick links

Code recipes

Available recipes are grouped in cookbooks based on subject. They are listed below. Please select cookbook to check Python code recipes.

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