Self-Hosted Mercury Pricing

OSS Commercial License (Pro)
Audience Hobbyists Personal Small Business Enterprise
Notebook as web app
Multiple Notebooks
Export as HTML or PDF
Notebook Scheduling
Email notifications
History of execution
(coming soon)
White labeling
Perpetual License
Dedicated Support None Email
(up to 7 days response time)
(up to 5 days response time)
(up to 3 days response time)
License AGPL Commercial
(1 developer)
(5 developers)
(25 developers)
Pricing Free $199/yr $995/yr Starting at $9,500/yr
Purchasing Credit Card / PayPal Credit Card / PayPal Invoice
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Pricing FAQ

What are Mercury Personal, Small Business and Enterprise?
Mercury Personal, Small Business and Enterprise are commercial-friendly licenses of Mercury. They are commercial-friendly, have more features and provide dedicated support for customers.
Is there a trial version?
There's no free trial but we do offer a 30 days period with full refund if it does not work for you.
What is the Commercial License?
See LICENSE-COMMERCIAL.txt in the root of the Mercury repo.
Is there any discount for academic use?
We do provide 50% discount for academic use. Please contact us ( for coupon code.
When coming soon features will be implemented?
We are working on them. If you are commercial customer you can select which features you would like to have implemented first - just contact us (
What type of payments do you accept?
We use Paddle as our payment provider. You can pay with Credit Card or PayPal. We accept wire transfers for Mercury Enterprise.
How to cancel subscription?
You will get an email with cancel link just after the payment. You can use this link to cancel the subscription. If you can't find the link, please let us know by email (
Can I distribute Mercury Personal, Small Business or Enterprise to my customers?
This is a common requirement for on-site installs or appliances sold to large corporations. The standard license is only appropriate for SaaS usage as it does not allow distribution. Mercury Small Business and Enterprise have an Appliance license option which does allow you to distribute them. The Appliance license is $4,500/yr for Small Business and $19,500/yr for Enterprise. It allows you to distribute the Mercury Small Business or Enterprise as part of your application and each of your customers to run Mercury Small Business or Enterprise as part of your application only. Please contact us to purchase.
Can I get a refund?
Yes, up to thirty days after purchase. Let us know ( the reason and maybe we can help but either way it's not a problem.
Can I request a change to the license terms?
Please email ( your concerns and we can negotiate.
Do you have more questions?
Please contact us by email ( and we will try to help.