Share your Python Notebooks with others

Mercury is the easiest way to turn your Python Notebooks into interactive web applications.


Define widgets as YAML

Mercury is a web framework for converting Python Notebooks into interactive web applications.

  • Define Notebook's parameters as YAML (similar as in R Markdown)
  • Interactive widgets are constructed based on YAML params
  • Hide Notebook's code - great for sharing with non-coders
  • Allow others to execute Notebook with new parameters


Notebook as web app

Serve your Notebook with Mercury web framework

  • Creating web app is as simple as file copy
  • Mercury constructs widgets based on YAML params
  • User can run Notebook with selected parameters

Mercury multiple notebooks apps

Serve multiple Notebooks

You can host unlimited number of notebooks apps

  • Share as many applications as you need
  • Use built-in application gallery

Mercury multiple notebooks apps

Open Source Core

The core of Mercury is Open Source under AGPLv3. We provide Mercury Pro with additional features, dedicated support and friendly commercial license.

  • You can use Mercury OSS for free
  • It is easy to self-host on VPS
  • Check Mercury Pro for more features

Show or hide code

It is as easy as setting one parameter show-code in the YAML

Mercury multiple notebooks apps
Mercury multiple notebooks apps
Mercury multiple notebooks apps

Easy to develop & deploy

Mercury web framework can be easily used in development and deployed in production

  • The development mode is great for creating new Notebook-apps
  • Deploy to production by copying Notebooks and requirements.txt to the server
  • Start Mercury with docker-compose command

Mercury demo

Check the demo

Demo at

  • No need to register
  • Demo running several Notebooks-apps
  • Running on small VPS (2GB RAM and 2 vCPUs)

Comming soon features

We are working on

  • Download executed notebook as HTML/PDF
  • More widgets (text field, file upload)
  • Authentication
  • Users permissions
  • Scheduling
  • Email notifications

If you have feature request please contact us.

Mercury demo

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