Machine Learning

made simple.

mljar automates the common way to build complete Machine Learing Pipeline to find the best ML models for your data!

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With mljar You can use Machine Learning algorithms without PhD

Understand your data

Understand Your Data

Perform exploratory analysis, search for a signal in the data, and discover relationships between features in your data with ML

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Top Performing

Top Performing Models

Train top ML models with hyper-parameters tuning, vast algorithms, advanced feature engineering, Ensembling, and Stacking

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Predict the Future

Predict the Future

Stay a head of competitors and predict the future whith advanced ML. Deploy your models in the cloud or use them locally

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How can mljar help you?

How can AutoML help you?

The Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) is a process of applying full Machine Learning pipeline on your data in the automatic way. The mljar performs feature preprocessing and engineering, algorithm training, hyper-parameters selection, model explanations, and deployment for you so you don't need to code it.

With mljar you speed-up on your path from data to value!

Machine Learning Made Simple

Explore your data

✓ Automatic Exploratory Data Analysis

✓ Automatic Features Type Detection

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Explore data

Advanced Feature Engineering

✓ Automatic Features Preprocessing

✓ Golden Features Generation

✓ Features Selection

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Feature engineering

Top Performance ML Models

✓ Hyper-Parameters Tuning

✓ Models Ensembling

✓ Models Stacking

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Top Performance

Amazing Algorithms

✓ Baselines

✓ Decision Tree

✓ Linear and Logistic Regression

✓ Random Forest and Extra Trees

✓ Xgboost

✓ LightGBM

✓ CatBoost

✓ Neural Networks

✓ Nearest Neightbors

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Amazing algorithms

ML Explainability

✓ Decision Tree Visualization

✓ Permutation Feature Importance

✓ Linear and Logistic Regression Coefficients

✓ SHAP explanations

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Explain ML

Deploy ML in Production

✓ Deploy in the Cloud

✓ Download and use locally (offline mode)

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Explain ML

The flavours of mljar

MLJAR Open-source

Available as Open-Source

The core AutoML is available as open-source Python package.

The perfect solution for software developers and hackers.

Step 1 dataset upload

Available in the Cloud

Explore ML with Graphical User Interface

Available in your web browser without any installation

★ The open-source varsion is more advanced than cloud offering. We are working to fully utilize it in the cloud offering. ★

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