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Automated Machine Learning

Predict, train, and explore your tabular data with AutoML. Use the power of XAI & provide fairness in ML in your company. documentation, model explanation, and FAIRNESS metrics.

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Convert notebook into interactive web app.

The simplest solution to convert your notebook into a dynamic web application, dashboard, report. DEPLOY your app with just a few clicks by using MERCURY CLOUD.

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Generate python plots using LLMs

PlotAI harnesses Large Language Models to turn your input DataFrame and prompt into captivating visual plots, effortlessly generating Python code to visualize your data.

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Build your own SaaS

Learn with SaaSitive tutorial how to construct and deploy a real SaaS application from the ground up, utilizing the potent combination of React and Django.

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Uniterrupted server and website monitoring

Utilize machine learning to detect anomalies swiftly and receive timely email notifications to prevent potential downtimes.

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Machine Learning with Django

As the demand for Machine Learning applications surges, DeployMachineLearning stands as your trusted blog to navigate the complex landscape of ML development.

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"Mercury seems to be very interesting. Just had a try today and was able to fire up a GUI within 10 minutes that would have taken me at least 2h using Panel. Really nice thing. "

Hugo Santos Silva
Lead Data Engineer

" MLJAR AutoML, because of its user-centric design."

Knut Jägersberg
Data Scientist

" The results of MLJAR are the most robust in this study, having the smallest gap between quantiles." (...) "MLJAR stands out with its out-of-the-box prepared reports and offers the richest XAI functionality. "

Nature Scientific Reports

" I just, wanted to thank you for this amazing AutoML package and tool! I am currently putting together a package that builds on MLJAR and tweaks it specifically for use with data typically available in the field of clinical psychology."

Joshua Jäger
Data Scientist

" I just looked at the mljar-supervised package. It's really thorough and much more in depth than other AutoML solutions I have used in the past. The compete param is also pretty awesome! Love it. Congratulations on the great work! Not surprised it is getting rapid adoption."

Vivek Sinha
Chief Operating Officer

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