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Easily share your Python Notebooks with Mercury.
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Easily share notebooks

Mercury is a web framework for converting Python Notebooks into interactive web applications.

  • Define Notebook's parameters as YAML (similar as in R Markdown)
  • Interactive widgets are constructed based on YAML params
  • Allow others to execute parametrized Notebooks
  • Hide Notebook's code - great for sharing with non-coders
  • Download executed Notebook as HTML or PDF files
  • Easily schedule Notebook execution with GUI
  • Send executed Notebooks in email

Automated Machine Learning

MLJAR AutoML is a Python package for Automated Machine Learning on tabular data.

  • Easily try many ML algorithms: Baseline, Linear, Random Forest, Extra Trees, LightGBM, Xgboost, CatBoost, Neural Networks, and Nearest Neighbors
  • Build ensembles and stack models for best performance
  • Advanced automatic feature preprocessing and engineering
  • Extensive explanations and analysis for each model
  • Automatic documentation in Markdown and HTML formats
  • Works for binary/multi classification and regression tasks


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