MLJAR Studio

The easiest way to
build data apps

MLJAR Studio is a desktop application
with graphical interface for code generation.
It makes easy to build data applications in Python.

A new way to build

MLJAR Studio Desktop Application

Desktop application

MLJAR Studio is classic desktop app. You install it on your computer and all data and computations are on your machine.

Python and Packages Included in MLJAR Studio

Python and Packages

Don't need to worry about Python installation and proper packages version. Everything is included and works!

No-code steps in MLJAR Studio

No-code to create code

You can write Python code or generate Python code with few clicks (perfect for beginners).

Python and Packages Included in MLJAR Studio

Compatible with Jupyter

MLJAR Studio notebooks are 100% compatible with Jupyter notebooks.

How does it look like?

MLJAR Studio - example of notebook

Graphical Interface for MLJAR AutoML

Simple view

AutoML Simple in MLJAR Studio

Advanced view

AutoML in MLJAR Studio

Notify me when ready

The desktop application MLJAR Studio will be available soon. If you would like to give it a try, please fill the form by clicking the button below. When application will be ready for your operating system we will notify you.

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