Remove background from single image

Discover how to remove the background from an image using the rembg package's function remove and then save the edited image wherever you want on your computer thanks to the os library.

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There are two more packages to import because we want to show you the effect of removing the background.

# import packages
from IPython.display import display
from PIL import Image
import os
from rembg import remove

We used Show Image piece of code here. Get more information here: How to show image in Jupyter Notebook.

# variables:

# code:
with as i:

This simple piece of code allows you to remove the background from any image and save it in any directory:

# variables:
input_image = "/home/apjanusz/images/goryl.png"
output_image = os.path.join(r"", "gorylOutput.png")

# code:
with open(input_image, "rb") as i:
	with open(output_image, "wb") as o:
		input =
		output = remove(input)

Let us show you the final effect:

# variables:

# code:
with as i:


As you can see, removing the background from image isn't that hard. All you need is a little willingness and a good teacher such as MLJAR Studio.

We will be happy to teach you :)

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