Python append to file

You can append file with Python. You need to open() file in append mode by passing a as second argument. Use write() function to append new content.

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Let's use file todo.txt in this notebook. The current file content is:


- [ ] clean desk
- [ ] water flowers
- [ ] check github issues

Let's append new task in the list.

# open file in append mode
with open(r"/home/piotr/documents/todo.txt", "a") as fin:
    fin.write("- [ ] make Python easy")


The file todo.txt after running above code:


- [ ] clean desk
- [ ] water flowers
- [ ] check github issues
- [ ] make Python easy

We need exactly this. I need to say that making Python easy is possible. It is time consuming, because I would like to provide many Python notebooks with example use cases. Fingers crossed! ๐Ÿ˜Š

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