MLJAR Studio

Python coding for everyone

Python editor that makes you a programmer. MLJAR Studio provides code recipes with GUI and manages Python environment for you.


Visual Programming

What is MLJAR Studio?

It is a new way for creating programs.

When we were learning Python, we faced many issues ourselves. We made MLJAR Studio to solve coding hurdles. We designed interactive code recipes with a hand crafted user interface to help you write Python effortlessly. What is more, all the required packages are imported and installed automatically, so you can focus on thinking.

Interactive Python code recipes

Automatic packages install and import

Focus on thinking

Python programming

Piece of Code 🍰

Interactive Python code recipes

We created set of interactive Python snippets with graphical user interface. You generate Python code by clicking UI form. You don't need to search over the internet or ask ChatGPT for help. Based on your reponses in the form the Python code is generated.

New way for Python programming

Write code with Graphical User Interface

Better than ChatGPT - no halucinations

Python environment

Managed Python

Everything is working on your machine!

MLJAR Studio will install Python 3.11 on your machine. What is more, you don't need to worry about new packages. They will be automatically imported and installed. Just click 'Install package' and continue your work.

Install Python on your machine

Automatic package import & installation

Start today

Let's starting coding today. It is easy with MLJAR Studio.

Unique Features

Running locally

MLJAR Studio is a desktop application. Everything is running locally on your machine.

No vendor lock-in

All code that you created are Python notebooks. They can be executed as Jupyter notebooks or Python scripts.

Perpetual license

MLJAR Studio comes with perpetual license. Pay once, use forever. Updates up to next major release included.

Steve Jobs

Apple founder

"Everyone in this country should learn how to program because it teaches you how to think"

Running in your machine

MLJAR Studio is a desktop application. All computation, data, and source code that you created stay locally in your machine.

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