Access index value in a for loop

Problem description

How to access the index value while iterating over a sequence with a for loop?

Problem solution

The most "pythonic" way to do that is using Python's built-in enumerate() function, which iterates through each item in an iterable sequence such as a list and returns the item's index amd the item. Check the following code:

thislist=["apple", "banana", "cherry", "apple"]

for i, item in enumerate(thislist):
    print(f"{i}: {item}")

The output look like this:

0: apple 
1: banana
2: cherry 
3: apple 

If you want to start the index from specific number, you can use start parameter:

thislist=["apple", "banana", "cherry", "apple"]

for i, item in enumerate(thislist, start=2):
    print(f"{i}: {item}")

And now it will look like that:

2: apple 
3: banana
4: cherry 
5: apple