I was and still am fascinated by Machine Learning. Coming from a Pharmaceutical background without knowledge of programming or any kind of coding experience I thought I would not be able to get a piece of this new Tech cake. But with the advent of Automated Machine learning (AutoML) non-data scientists like myself have an array of tools to satisfy their once-thought incurable itch to create ML models without writing a single line of code. But perseverance is the name of the game and I through application and with the help of countless videos taught myself to learn how to create ML algorithms. Having explored a few of the available AutoML tools I just want to outline my trip to this amazing world of AutoML with a use case scenario providing some insight into the performance of the various open-sourced AutoML solutions at the same time. I assume you are aware of the major tasks in the machine learning workflow namely data preparation, feature engineering, training a model, evaluation of the model, hyperparameter tuning and finally serving the model.