Use case on the us_crime dataset

Dataset us_crime

Machine Learning Task: Regression

This is a Communities and Crime database. Communities within the United States. The data combines socio-economic data from the 1990 US Census, law enforcement data from the 1990 US LEMAS survey, and crime data from the 1995 FBI UCR.

Available at OpenML:

Category: People

# Rows: 1,994 # Columns: 127

Target: ViolentCrimesPerPop


Numeric: state, county, community, fold, population, householdsize, racepctblack, racePctWhite, racePctAsian, racePctHisp, agePct12t21, agePct12t29, agePct16t24, agePct65up, numbUrban, pctUrban, medIncome, pctWWage, pctWFarmSelf, pctWInvInc, ...

String: communityname

Machine Learning Use Case People

Root Mean Square Error (RMSE)

Us_Crime Rmse

Mean Absolute Error (MAE)

Us_Crime Mae

Coefficient of Determination (R2)

Us_Crime R2

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