Use case on the mfeat-factors dataset

Dataset mfeat-factors

Machine Learning Task: Multiclass classification

One of a set of 6 datasets describing features of handwritten numerals (0 - 9) extracted from a collection of Dutch utility maps. Corresponding patterns in different datasets correspond to the same original character. 200 instances per class (for a total of 2,000 instances) have been digitized in binary images.

Available at OpenML:

Category: Technology

# Rows: 2,000 # Columns: 216

Target: class


Numeric: att1, att2, att3, att4, att5, att6, att7, att8, att9, att10, att11, att12, att13, att14, att15, att16, att17, att18, att19, att20, ...

Machine Learning Use Case Technology

Cross-Entropy Loss (LOGLOSS)

Mfeat Factors Logloss

Accuracy (ACC)

Mfeat Factors Acc

Balanced Accuracy (BALACC)

Mfeat Factors Balacc

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