Use case on the KDDCup09_upselling dataset

Dataset KDDCup09_upselling

Machine Learning Task: Binary classification

This is a KDDCup09_upselling database. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a key element of modern marketing strategies. The KDD Cup 2009 offers the opportunity to work on large marketing databases from the French Telecom company Orange to predict the propensity of customers to switch provider (churn), buy new products or services (appetency), or buy upgrades or add-ons proposed to them to make the sale more profitable (up-selling).

Available at OpenML:

Category: Marketing

# Rows: 50,000 # Columns: 230



Numeric: Var1, Var2, Var3, Var4, Var5, Var6, Var7, Var8, Var9, Var10, Var11, Var12, Var13, Var14, Var15, Var16, Var17, Var18, Var19, Var20, ...

Nominal: Var191, Var192, Var193, Var194, Var195, Var196, Var197, Var198, Var199, Var200, Var201, Var202, Var203, Var204, Var205, Var206, Var207, Var208, Var210, Var211, ...

Machine Learning Use Case Marketing

Area Under ROC Curve (AUC)

Kddcup09_Upselling Auc

Accuracy (ACC)

Kddcup09_Upselling Acc

Balanced Accuracy (BALACC)

Kddcup09_Upselling Balacc

Cross-Entropy Loss (LOGLOSS)

Kddcup09_Upselling Logloss

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