Use case on the credit-g dataset

Dataset credit-g

Machine Learning Task: Binary classification

This is a German Credit dataset. It classifies people described by a set of attributes as good or bad credit risks. This dataset contains such information as a type of job, age, credit history.

Available at OpenML:

Category: Banking

# Rows: 1,000 # Columns: 20

Target: class


Numeric: duration, credit_amount, installment_commitment, residence_since, age, existing_credits, num_dependents

Nominal: checking_status, credit_history, purpose, savings_status, employment, personal_status, other_parties, property_magnitude, other_payment_plans, housing, job, own_telephone, foreign_worker

Machine Learning Use Case Banking

Area Under ROC Curve (AUC)

Credit G Auc

Accuracy (ACC)

Credit G Acc

Balanced Accuracy (BALACC)

Credit G Balacc

Cross-Entropy Loss (LOGLOSS)

Credit G Logloss

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