Use case on the Allstate_Claims_severity dataset

Dataset Allstate_Claims_Severity

Machine Learning Task: Regression

This is an Allstate Claims severity database. This dataset contains insurance claims. Allstate is developing automated methods of predicting the cost, and hence severity, of claims. This dataset was shared on Kaggle to find insight into better ways to predict claims severity.

Available at OpenML:

Category: Insurance

# Rows: 188,318 # Columns: 131

Target: loss


Numeric: id, cont1, cont2, cont3, cont4, cont5, cont6, cont7, cont8, cont9, cont10, cont11, cont12, cont13, cont14

Nominal: cat1, cat2, cat3, cat4, cat5, cat6, cat7, cat8, cat9, cat10, cat11, cat12, cat13, cat14, cat15, cat16, cat17, cat18, cat19, cat20, ...

Machine Learning Use Case Insurance

Root Mean Square Error (RMSE)

Allstate_Claims_Severity Rmse

Mean Absolute Error (MAE)

Allstate_Claims_Severity Mae

Coefficient of Determination (R2)

Allstate_Claims_Severity R2

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