Use case on the Airlines_DepDelay_1M dataset

Dataset Airlines_DepDelay_1M

Machine Learning Task: Regression

This is an Airlines Departure Delay Prediction. This is a processed version of the original data, designed to predict departure delay.

Available at OpenML:

Category: Technology

# Rows: 1,000,000 # Columns: 9

Target: DepDelay


Numeric: Month, DayofMonth, DayOfWeek, CRSDepTime, CRSArrTime, Distance

Nominal: UniqueCarrier, Origin, Dest

Machine Learning Use Case Technology

Root Mean Square Error (RMSE)

Airlines_Depdelay_1M Rmse

Mean Absolute Error (MAE)

Airlines_Depdelay_1M Mae

Coefficient of Determination (R2)

Airlines_Depdelay_1M R2

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