LightGBM (Light Gradient Boosting Machine) is a Machine Learning library that provides algorithms under gradient boosting framework developed by Microsoft.

It works on Linux, Windows, macOS, and supports C++, Python, R and C#.


Guolin Ke, Qi Meng, Thomas Finley, Taifeng Wang, Wei Chen, Weidong Ma, Qiwei Ye, Tie-Yan Liu, LightGBM: A Highly Efficient Gradient Boosting Decision Tree, NIPS 2017, pp. 3149-3157.

Qi Meng, Guolin Ke, Taifeng Wang, Wei Chen, Qiwei Ye, Zhi-Ming Ma, Tie-Yan Liu, A Communication-Efficient Parallel Algorithm for Decision Tree, NIPS 2016, pp. 1279-1287.


MIT License


LightGBM GitHub repository

LightGBM Documentation

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