MLJAR Studio

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First notebook


MLJAR Studio provides installer with graphical interface. The process of installation is automatic. Two steps can be distinguished:

  • Installation of dekstop application MLJAR Studio.
  • Installation of Python and needed packages - it is done automatically in the application, during the first run.

MacOS and Linux installation

The installers for MacOS and Linux operating systems are not available. They will be available in the future. If you would like to be notified when they are ready please fill the form.

Windows installation

Please download the installer:

  • Latest release (v1.0.0) installer
  • All releases available are here

After opening the installer you should see the window with license: MLJAR Studio Installation Step 1

After accepting the license you can select what type of installation do you prefer: for all users that are using the computer or only the current user (the default): MLJAR Studio Installation Step 2

In the next step you can select the installation directory: MLJAR Studio Installation Step 3

Please click the 'Install' button. You should see the installation process with progress bar as in the picture below: MLJAR Studio Installation Step 4

Please click the 'Finish' button to quit the installation process and open the MLJAR Studio application. MLJAR Studio Installation Step 5

During the first run the Python with required packages will be installed. Please be patient and wait will it completes. This step can take up to 30 minutes, depending on internet connection and computer speed. The Python 3.9 is installed with Miniconda. MLJAR Studio Installation Step 6

At the end of the installation you should see the home view of the application. MLJAR Studio Home View


You are ready to create your first notebook. Please follow instructions on how to create first notebook.