Automated Machine Learning
Explain Mode

Use AutoML to understand your data.
Get quick insights in minutes.

Explain Mode

The mljar AutoML framework can work in the Explain mode.
The Explain mode is perfect to get first results very quickly.

Explain Models

Full Explanations

Get explanations for your ML models: permutation-based feature importance, decision tree visualization, SHAP decision plots, dependency plots, learning curves and more.

Quick Explain Mode


This mode provides the results in minutes. It is using default hyperparameters for algorithms. It doesn't tune them. It is using 75%/25% train/test split for the validation.

AutoML Perform mode


The Explain mode is perfect for first insight about your data. Check the signal in your data. Compare Machine Learning algorithms performance with the Baseline.

Machine Learning Algorithms

The Explain mode uses the following Machine Learning algorithms:
Baseline, Linear Model, Decision Tree, Random Forest, Xgboost, Neural Network.

Baseline Linear Model Decision Tree Random Forest Xgboost Neural Network Ensemble

The AutoML Code

Just set mode="Explain" during AutoML initialization and you are set!

"""AutoML Explain code """

from supervised import AutoML

# Initialize AutoML in Explain Mode
automl = AutoML(mode="Explain"), y)

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